Womankind, formerly the New York Asian Women’s Center, started as a volunteer effort over 40 years ago by a group of women volunteering their time to address gender-based violence in their community, Manhattan’s Chinatown. While we have since grown to a staff body of about 70, volunteers remain integral in all aspects of Womankind’s activities and operations. They provide support to survivors and their family, answer helpline calls, mentor children and youth, just to name a few. Womankind volunteering is open to individuals 18+ years of age. 

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Volunteer recruitment varies depending on the type of role and organizational needs. If you are interested in any of these roles, please fill out the volunteer application, where you will have the opportunity to discuss your volunteer interests further directly with the volunteer program.

Questions about the volunteer program? Please do not call the helpline, but instead email volunteer@iamwk.org. We will respond to your inquiry in 7-10 business days.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Supporting Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

1Helpline Supporters
  • Description: provide emotional support, information and referrals, and safety planning to those calling Womankind's helpline. Helpline Supporters are often the first point of contact for people accessing services. Volunteers will receive intensive training, to ensure they are comfortable, prior to engaging in calls. Clearance of fingerprinting background check is required for interested volunteers. 
  • Time: 8 hours/week for 6 months, weekdays, weekends, and evening shifts available 
  • Locations: remote, hybrid 
2Residential Coverage Volunteers
  • Description: play a critical role in Womankind's residential operations and programming. Coverage duties include screening and greeting visitors, checking in with residents and providing resources as needed, ensuring the safety of the facility, and providing crisis management. Clearance of fingerprinting and Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR) background checks are requirements set by NYS for volunteers interested in working in emergency residences.  
  • Time: as needed, possibly weekly, if there is a repeating need. 
  • Locations: in-person, at emergency residences (confidential locations) 
3Client Accompaniment  
  • Description: support survivors in overcoming barriers to services by providing emotional support, transportation assistance, and advocacy for legal, medical, and public assistance appointments. Clearance of fingerprinting background check is required for interested volunteers.
  • Time: as needed, usually Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm 
  • Locations: in-person, throughout NYC (offsite) 

Community Engagement and Advocacy 

1Outreach Support 
  • Description: increase awareness about gender-based violence and services available to survivors. Support with tabling at community events and college campuses, canvassing flyers, creating educational materials, and participating in presentations. 
  • Time: as needed 
  • Locations:in-person, throughout NYC (offsite)  
2Womankind Community Event Support
  • Description: events are a great way for volunteers to engage, support, and interact with survivors and community members. Volunteers have supported a wide range of events including during awareness months, the Children & Youth Back-to-School Kick-Off Event, the Client Holiday Party, and the Hear Our Voices art exhibit.
  • Time:as needed, day of event, usually Monday to Friday 
  • Locations:in-person, usually at Womankind’s community offices or headquarters  

Engage Children and Youth

1Childcare Support
  • Description: provide a supportive environment for children living in Womankind’s emergency residences and in our community offices to allow parents to attend to critical appointments, participate in programming, and go to work. Clearance of fingerprinting and SCR background checks are required for interested volunteers.
  • Time: as needed, weekly, or daily, usually Monday to Friday
  • Locations:in-person, at Womankind’s community offices or confidential emergency residences  
2Drawing and Truth (DAT) Mentors
  • Description: DAT is a mentorship group for teens 13 – 18 years of age. Support youths’ healing by developing consistent, positive relationships and planning and implementing creative, strengths-based workshops. Recruitment for this role occurs at the end of summer. Clearance of fingerprinting and SCR background checks are required for interested volunteers.
  • Time:Every Saturday, from October to May (school year)
  • Locations:in-person, at Manhattan Community Office   
3Summer Field Trip Support 
  • Description: Summer field trip chaperones accompany children and youth on weekly field trips throughout the summer. Previous field trips have included attending baseball games, recreational activities in the park, movie nights, photography and film camp, and a BBQ. Clearance of fingerprinting and SCR background checks are required for interested volunteers.
  • Time: July to August, usually Monday to Friday
  • Locations: in-person, throughout NYC (offsite)  
  • Description: tutors are requested ad hoc according to needs expressed by children in our programs. Location, time, frequency, subjects, and other details will be dependent on the child’s need. Clearance of fingerprinting and SCR background checks are required for interested volunteers.
  • Time: as needed
  • Locations: in-person, at Womankind’s community offices or confidential emergency residences  

Promote Language Justice

  • Description: facilitate communication among survivors, community members, and service providers. Interpreters can help support with legal clinics, presentations, support groups, wellness programming, counseling sessions, and more.
  • Time: as needed, can be one-time, short-term, or long-term, depending on need, usually Monday to Friday
  • Locations: mostly in-person  
  • Description: increase survivors’ access to critical services by translating legal documents, letters, and forms that are relevant to their cases. In addition, increase awareness about violence and available services to individuals with limited English proficiency by translating outreach and educational materials. 
  • Time: as needed, can be one-time, short-term, or long-term, depending on need
  • Locations: mostly remote  

Provide Administrative Support

1Administrative Volunteers
  • Description: Support Womankind’s administration and programming by providing clerical, administrative, financial, operations, development, and research support to programs across the organization. Volunteers in this role can gain insight into different aspects of nonprofit operations and contribute to a variety of projects. Examples of past administrative roles include bookkeeping, gala research, event planning, and communications.
  • Time: as needed, weekly, or daily, usually Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Locations: mostly in-person, at headquarters  

Share Your Expertise

1Skills-Based Support 
  • Description: Share your special skills, certificates, and expertise with Womankind. Skills can include anything from art-related experience to wellness and fitness experience to profession-based experiences. Examples of previous skill-based volunteer roles include creative arts, photography, candle making, healthcare, event planning, and certified wellness instructors. If you have a specific skill that you would like to share, please contact us for an assessment of current needs. Please also indicate in your application if you do have special skills, or expertise in specific areas.
  • Time: usually Monday to Friday, as needed, project will depend on length of project
  • Locations: remote, in-person (community offices, headquarters, or confidential emergency residences)  

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Through volunteering with Womankind, members of your organization can grow and learn while making a positive community impact. To learn or explore more, please contact us so we can further discuss your interests and group volunteering needs.
1Host an In-Kind Donation Drive
  • Coordinate donation drives to support survivors, many of whom need assistance with obtaining items that are critical to sustaining themselves and their families, such as food, diapers, strollers, and professional clothing.
  • Fundraise for Womankind to sustain critical programs for survivors and their children. Womankind can also support your group with organizing your own fundraising event or campaign to support programs.
3Raise Awareness
  • Raise awareness about gender-based violence and Womankind’s programs by participating in a march or rally, hosting a workshop or training, or distributing outreach and community education materials. Womankind’s work would not be possible without the help of community members in raising awareness.

Internship Opportunities

Womankind does not offer internships. If you have an internship requirement for your university or degree program, please contact us to see if this is something we may accommodate. Please note we cannot accommodate Masters in Mental Health Counseling Practicum Placement. We can take on a limited number of Master of Social Work 2nd Year Students for Practicum Placement. Please contact your academic advisor for more information on practicum requirements and placement.

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