About Us

32 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10004

The New York Asian Women's Center has transformed.

In January 2017, we changed our name. And, we are strengthening our focus on advocacy and policy work, alongside our direct service provision.
Though our plans to expand our advocacy efforts were initiated before the presidential election, advocacy takes on greater urgency and carries more profound, life-changing implications. The survivors we serve, along with their communities, are frightened because of immigration concerns, hate crimes, the potential of widening gaps in the social welfare safety net, loss of health insurance, and the decline of affordable housing, among other concerns.
Survivors of violence may be re-traumatized by these heart-stopping fears and may be especially vulnerable. But their safety and security remains paramount to our work.
Now is the time to donate generously. To those who have given, thank you. To those who have yet to give, support survivors of violence by helping us facilitate and strengthen their unified voice. Assist us in providing legal immigration, employment and housing services. And, join us in assisting their children - who may be in even more danger.
So even though we have changed our name, our mission, our heart remains the same.

We’re on a mission to end gender-based violence.

Join the team. We’re hiring.

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