Creating Safer Campuses: Womankind’s Anti-Sexual Violence Education and Outreach

Creating Safer Campuses: Womankind's Anti-Sexual Violence Education and Outreach

Sexual violence remains a prevalent issue on college campuses across the United States. Despite efforts to address it, the statistics paint a concerning picture. According to recent data, approximately 13% of all students experience rape or sexual assault during their college years, with female students being disproportionately affected. This issue is not limited to specific demographics; it affects students across various identities, including LGBTQ+, international, and disabled students.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, Womankind has been actively involved in advocacy efforts to combat sexual violence on college campuses, particularly through our partnerships with New York City colleges, the Enough is Enough (EIE) Program, and Title IX initiatives.

The Enough is Enough Program: Bridging Gaps in Support

The Enough is Enough (EIE) program, established in 2015 under Education Law Article 129-B, aims to address sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking on college campuses in New York State. As an EIE provider, Womankind plays a crucial role in providing prevention education, advocacy, and support services to students and student survivors as well as student survivorstrainings to faculty members. However, challenges persist, with many campuses lacking designated EIE programs and adequate resources to support survivors effectively.

Through our participation in the EIE program, Womankind emphasizes a holistic approach to supporting survivors, recognizing the intersectionality of their identities and experiences. This approach ensures that culturally sensitive programs and services are accessible to all students, regardless of their backgrounds.

Title IX: Upholding Students' Rights to Education

In addition to our work with the EIE program, Womankind is actively involved in ensuring compliance with Title IX, which mandates campuses to address and prevent sexual harassment that interferes with students' access to education. We collaborate with school offices, including Title IX offices, to improve campus policies and systems, with a focus on marginalized and minority groups. Our advocacy efforts extend beyond campus borders, as we engage in broader discussions around federal regulations to protect the rights of all students, including transgender students, pregnant students, international students and other non-traditional students (commuter, part-time, parent students etc.).

Coordinated Community Response Teams (CCRTs): Fostering Collaborative Action

Womankind's involvement in Coordinated Community Response Teams (CCRTs) further underscores our commitment to creating safer campus environments. These multidisciplinary teams bring together campus and community partners to assess, plan, and evaluate prevention and response efforts. Through our participation in CCRTs, we contribute to policy development, program planning, and survivor support services, ensuring that prevention and intervention strategies are culturally relevant and inclusive.

As we continue our advocacy work, we recognize the need for sustained efforts to address sexual violence on college campuses comprehensively. Womankind is a close partner with St. John’s University, The Juilliard School, College of Mount Saint Vincent, The City College of New York, and CUNY Queensborough Community College. By partnering with these institutions, government officials, and community organizations, we strive to create safer and more supportive environments for all students.

Together, we can build a future where every student feels safe and empowered to pursue their education free from the threat of sexual violence. Join us in our mission to create lasting change on college campuses and beyond.