Womankind Remembers One Year Anniversary of Atlanta Spa Shooting

Womankind Remembers One Year Anniversary of Atlanta Spa Shooting

March 16, 2022


Womankind remembers the 8 lives lost in the Atlanta spa shooting a year ago today. We feel deep sorrow for their family and loved ones on this painful anniversary.

After the news came to light, we issued a statement that expressed fear and sadness. "For many of us here at Womankind, this hits close to home. Most of the individuals whose lives were taken, come from communities with whom we work. For some of us, they are the communities from which we ourselves come."

One year later, we feel as much sadness and fear as we did then—that this is still our reality. Violence against Asians has escalated across the country, and with deadly consequences.

Asian women—who make up the majority of Womankind's staff and survivors—are targeted at higher rates.

Hypersexualized. Fetishized. Othered. Reduced to damaging stereotypes of being weak, docile, and non-confrontational.

Womankind believes that white supremacy and misogyny are the root causes of such anti-Asian violence.

So, our work against the entwined dangers of racism and misogyny remains steadfast, as does our belief that Asian women and our broader and diverse Asian community are more than just victims of past and present violent acts.

We are full human beings.

With that belief, we honor those who have died and those who continue to suffer. We extend gratitude to those who work for our community's well-being and voice.

We ask you to Rise Above Violence with us, today and always.