Womankind Stands with Survivors at KAFSC’s 24th Annual Rally Against Domestic Violence

Womankind Stands with Survivors at KAFSC's 24th Annual Rally Against Domestic Violence

October 1, 2021

Good evening everyone, my name is Miyoung Kim, Womankind Later in Life Advocate. I am here today with you all to stand in solidarity to fight against domestic violence.

For 39 years, Womankind has supported survivors of gender-based violence, including survivors of domestic violence. We pride ourselves on being able to offer services across the lifespan, with linguistic and cultural humility, to the greater Asian community. Because of the communities we serve, Womankind views domestic violence from a much broader lens than just intimate partner relationships. Much of the violence affecting the survivors we serve come from family members, such as in-laws and grandchildren.

Over the last two years, our communities have had to confront a pandemic and quarantine, heightened economic hardships, and increased hate violence towards AAPI communities. Survivors of domestic violence have been trapped and isolated with their abusers, making it more difficult to seek services. This epidemic of violence cannot be ignored. For decades, we have seen that communities of color have disproportionate exposure to violence in everyday living, creating multigenerational trauma. We must begin to challenge these cycles of violence and name unhealthy relationship dynamics for what they are—abuse.

Womankind firmly believes in the power of community to challenge systems, structures, and social norms that foster further violence in our relationships, families, homes, and communities.

We must come together as part of the AAPI community to speak up against domestic violence in our communities, and to acknowledge its pervasive and insidious impact.

We must come together to support each other to ensure that all voices within our communities are heard, and that adequate services are available for our survivors.

We must work together to find solutions that support all of us. We have to help each other build neighborhoods where each of us, including our children and elders, can feel safe and secure from all violence.

We want you to know that Womankind is here for you, and ready to support however we can to Rise Above Violence and innovate towards collective well-being, restoration, and social justice. We hope this evening may help you feel a little less alone along your journey.

Thank you everyone. And thank you KAFSC for organizing this event, and for their continued commitment to supporting AAPI communities.

Photography by @chinatownvibes.