20th Anniversary of 9/11

Today our heart is heavy for the victims and families who lost loved ones on September 11th.

Our heart is heavy for community members whose lives were and continue to be affected by the far-reaching consequences that followed 9/11, including increased Islamophobia and xenophobia, especially towards South Asians, Arabs, Muslims, and Sikhs.

Our heart is heavy for all those whose health still suffers from being at Ground Zero two decades ago.

We feel pain for our fellow New Yorkers, Americans and others around the world who experienced collective trauma 20 years ago and feel trauma today, notably with this pandemic.

In 2001, Womankind (then the New York Asian Women's Center) was serving survivors of gender-based violence at our office in downtown Manhattan. Today, our headquarters is located only mere blocks away from the Freedom Tower. It is not lost on us the depth of fear, anxiety, and pain that once blanketed our neighborhood. Yet, with the area now rebuilt, we are reminded daily that New York City and especially its people are incredibly resilient and strong.

We hope you take the time to care for yourself and be with community today.