My Healing Journey from Later in Life Abuse

Gender-based violence can happen to anyone across the lifespan, including older adults.

An older adult is defined by the New York City Elder Abuse Center as anyone over 60 years old, and data shows that 1 out of 10 experience some form of abuse. 93% of cases go undetected each year nationally.

At Womankind, we define older adults starting at age 50, instead of 60, because of their unique service needs.

As Elder Abuse Awareness Month comes to an end this June, we are honored to share Miss M.K.'s story about her healing journey from trauma. We hope to raise awareness on the prevalence of abuse in later life in our communities.

If you or someone you know need trauma-informed services, please reach out to our free 24/7 helpline at 1-888-888-7702. Help is available in 18+ Asian languages and dialects.

Special Thanks

Micah Perrello, Cinematographer and Editor (IG:
Miss M.K., Survivor
Miyoung Kim, Womankind Later in Life Advocate
Sheng Lin, Womankind Advocate
Angela Tang, Womankind Children & Youth Advocate
Samantha Zhang, Womankind Later in Life Advocate