REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Racial Equity Consultant (UPDATED)

In the age of MeToo, the Black Lives Matter movement, a raging pandemic that has exacerbated racial economic inequities, and heightened anti-Asian racism and violence, Womankind, as a nonprofit predominantly consisting of and serving Asian and Asian American survivors, is deeply committed to advancing racial and social justice.

Racism is a critical barrier to building effective coalitions for social change. Racism has been consciously and systematically erected, and it can be undone if we understand what it is, how it functions, why it is perpetuated and the ways we consciously and subconsciously internalize and or perpetuate it. Womankind is committed to a participatory process that creates a shared understanding of the necessity of racial equity work, along with the development of organizational cultural norms that will guide our work with clients and the communities from which they come. We take up this work with deep humility, knowing that we have much to learn. We also draw on our organization’s roots seeped in honoring the power of staff resiliency, agency, and leadership for social justice.

We seek a consultant to help us develop a racial equity framework within Womankind and a concrete plan of action that brings us from theory to practice. Womankind seeks to make anti-racist and anti-oppression work an explicit commitment and priority for the organization. This means creating a sustainable plan of action which includes resource allocation (e.g., funds, personnel, time) for future and ongoing racial equity work.

The consultant will lead the organization in information-gathering, self-assessment, and consensus-building, focused on objectives to help us 1) to concretize a process 2) craft a framework and 3) create a plan on how to operationalize and practice a non-racist, anti- oppressive, and intersectional framework in our day-to-day.

Founded 39 years ago as the New York Asian Women’s Center and renamed in 2017, Womankind works tirelessly to create a future where we Rise Above Violence and our communities can innovate towards collective well-being, restoration, and social justice. Womankind uses the multidimensionality of its Asian heritage to work alongside survivors of gender-based violence as they build a path to healing.

All services are rooted in Womankind’s philosophy of supporting survivors’ rights to self-determination and self-sufficiency in building their futures (i.e., their own agency). Womankind is one of the largest Asian-focused domestic violence organizations in the United States and is a leader in providing innovative and award-winning multilingual and culturally responsive services. Womankind offers a wide variety of services in 18+ Asian languages and dialects, including: a toll-free 24/7 multilingual helpline, safe and confidential emergency residences (shelters), counseling, family law and immigration legal assistance, wellness activities, creative arts therapy, support groups, and economic empowerment workshops.

Womankind’s Undoing Racism Collective started at the end of 2017 to explore and unpack the fundamental understanding among staff of how race and identity play a role in our interactions with one another, as well as our work with our diverse client base. URC's founding principles acknowledge internalized biases and hierarchical structures that exist in the Asian community and the need to unlearn and challenge racist beliefs that occur within the Asian diaspora itself (e.g., anti-blackness, colorism) The Collective also works to create space to acknowledge and learn our histories, our identities and our experiences that have brought us to this work, while pushing the envelope and addressing and honoring our differences.


  • Evaluate our organization as a whole, across departments, levels, and varying positions.
  • Document past anti-racist and anti-oppressive efforts (e.g., URC, town halls) and connect to the needs of the present.
  • Create a shared analysis and language of how racism is perpetuated within Womankind's organizational structures, norms and expectations as well as individual beliefs and interactions among staff.
  • Develop a plan and curriculum:
    • Create and provide an intentional space for the recognition of gaps in agency-led efforts toward racial equity that may have caused harm. Address and heal organizational trauma to build a more equitable future. This will be through a collaborative process with staff and other stakeholders.
    • Build a shared understanding of Womankind's unique role in the anti-racism movement, why it is important, and how this intersects with the anti-violence and gender justice movements.
    • Identify gaps in knowledge and assess priorities alongside staff.
    • Create a customized training curriculum for Womankind which includes materials such as booklets and manuals, which can be readily accessed and amended.
    • Establish the purpose, protocols and procedures necessary to implement this curriculum (e.g., how to use it, how to integrate into our structures and practices).
  • Create and implement a sustainability plan
    • Enhance staff’s ability and capacity to have discussions regarding -isms (e.g., racism, sexism, classism, ableism, etc.) in organizational spaces.
    • Create an ongoing model and space (e.g., monthly, quarterly, yearly) to incorporate knowledge into agency culture with tools, alongside evaluation tools for the process itself.
    • Deliver recommendations for equitable policies to be put in place by management and HR.


  • Consultant must be able to work with key stakeholders (leadership staff, URC, and staff across various departments and positions) who will be a part of the main Racial Equity team. Together, they will develop a non-racist, anti-oppressive, and intersectional framework and strategic plan of action for Womankind.
  • Potential timeline: to be determined, based on project design and proposals.

Submit 1) cover letter, 2) resume, 3) one or two examples of past work, and 4) preliminary proposal with preliminary budget (not longer than 15 pages) for working with Womankind to CEO Yasmeen Hamza via e-mail at by Sept 13, 2021.