Statement for Anti-Asian Violence

Womankind stands in firm solidarity with Asian Americans experiencing racial violence across the U.S.

There has been a frightening and alarming increase in violence targeting Asians across this country, particularly against older community members, going about their day, minding their own business. Womankind stands in support of all those who have experienced anti-Asian violence and harassment since the start of this pandemic. We condemn the racist, xenophobic, unprovoked assaults solely based on the color of our skin.

Womankind recognizes that these actions stem from the same ignorance and hate that have afflicted pain upon people of color communities, including and especially Black and Indigenous communities for generations. Yet, we firmly believe that these actions have no place in our society, especially in areas of the country as ethnically rich and diverse as New York City and California.

In the face of increased violence inside and outside the home during this pandemic--especially for Asian community members--Womankind remains committed as ever to helping survivors overcome their trauma and build a path to healing.