COVID-19 Resources

Womankind Services

During this time, we would like to remind the community that Womankind is still here for you! Even though the delivery of our services has transitioned to phone and email (with the exception of our Residential Programs), we are committed as ever to continue providing the same high-quality critical services as before. Going remote allows us to collectively protect our staff and survivors’ mental and physical well-being as best as we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

If you or someone you know is feeling unsafe, please reach out to our free and confidential helpline via call, chat, or text. Our team is standing by to serve you.

While Womankind's headquarters and community offices are still closed until further notice, our staff continue to deliver undisrupted critical services virtually. Our Residential Programs have an intrepid team working on-site around the clock to ensure all residents are well supported and taken care of.

  • The two emergency residences remain staffed and emergency services continue.
  • For those seeking help for the first time, please call the helpline for details on available services. We encourage current survivors to contact their advocates directly.
  • The Pathways to Healing group for survivors of sexual violence is now running virtually.
  • Womankind has disbursed emergency cash assistance to many survivors and families in need.
  • We have distributed food and personal protective equipment to survivors and frontline staff thanks to the generous contributions of in-kind donors.
  • The legal team continues to assist with family law and legal immigration cases.
  • The Pathways to Empowerment program is helping survivors avoid eviction and navigate rent-freeze requests.
  • Active volunteers or those interested in volunteering can email Tiffany Zayas, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, at

Self-Care + Wellness Activities

For those of us who are finding ourselves suddenly spending more time than usual with our children or family, this period of social distancing and isolation can feel very overwhelming. Having such close contact throughout the day can create opportunities for frustration, misunderstanding, or even violence.

If this is the new normal for you, try these activities our staff is doing to help maintain healthy relationships in the household. Please check back often for more ideas and resources!

Memory Wall

Memory Wall
From Rahnum, Helpline Manager
"As a working single mother of two children ages 10 and 13, I definitely find myself feeling quite overwhelmed, not only because I’m trying to balance my work and personal life, but also because I'm unable to maintain my usual routine. At times, this has made me feel very emotional, and I've had to raise my voice at my children.

To overcome these feelings and to maintain a healthy household, my children and I came up with an idea to turn my bedroom wall into a feelings wall. Every day, we draw and jot down our individual feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper. Then we post it on the wall and discuss.

We plan on doing this throughout the entire time we must social distance. The goal is to look at the wall when this is all over and reflect on how we were able to share our feelings and spend quality time together in a healthy way as a family, while being a part of a world dealing with a pandemic.

There are many parents out there who are fortunate enough to be able to work from home and earn income like me, but I recognize there are also many parents who have lost this ability due to the nature of their jobs. No matter what your situation is, I recommend practicing self-care and do positive activities together, so that you can help reduce stress and bring your family closer."

Other Resources

In this unprecedented time, it is hard to navigate the ever-changing landscape around you. Please see below for a list of resources Womankind staff is sharing among ourselves, volunteers, and the survivors that we serve. Please always check the resource's direct website for the most up-to-date information.


Pre-K Application Deadline Extended

The deadline to submit pre-K applications has been extended to March 29th. Families can apply both online, 24 hours a day, via MySchools or via phone at 718-935-2009 between the hours of 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Monday-Friday. Additional questions about applications should be directed to the above phone line or to

Employment Benefits

Employment Benefits
Low-Wage Worker Taskforce
The Low-Wage Worker Taskforce created this chart for more general info on who qualifies for worker benefits
NYS Unemployment Insurance Waiver
NYS will waive the 7-day waiting period for workers to claim unemployment insurance for those that have been put out of work by COVID-19. See announcement, along with other recent announcements here.
Employment Protection For Employees With No Paid Sick Leave
Employees may be entitled to certain employment protections even if their employers do not have a paid sick leave policy/contract. Read more about employment protections here.
Employee With Health Condition/Have Family Member With Health Condition
If you work in New York City and your employer has five or more employees, you earn five days of paid leave that you can use if you have a health condition or to care for a family member with a health condition. If your employer has less than five employees, you earn five days of unpaid leave. More information here.


IRS Stimulus Checks
The IRS has been updating their website often to provide the latest information on the distribution of economic impact payments aka "stimulus checks." To learn more about income eligibility, tax filing requirements, etc., refer to this website.
Hebrew Free Loan Society
Hebrew Free Loan Society's loan program provides interest-free loans of $2,000-$5,000 to residents of New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester, or Long Island, who have faced financial hardship in COVID-19. See website for details and application.
Tax Deadline Updated
As of Friday, March 20th, 2020, Tax Day will be moved to July 15, giving Americans an additional three months to file their income tax returns. More information here.
NYS Suspended Collection of Student, Medical, and Other State-Referred Dept
New York State will temporarily suspend collection of student, medical, and other state-referred debt for at least 30 days, through April 15. More information here.
The Governor Waived Mortgage Payment For Homeowners Affected by COVID-19
Governor Cuomo has ordered banks and financial institutions to waive mortgage payments for three months for homeowners facing virus-related financial hardship if they are not working or only working part-time. More information here.


No More In-Person Interview for Food Stamps Or Public Assistance
There are no more in-person interviews for food stamps or public assistance. All of that has been converted to online and phone interviews and processing. More information here.

For Businesses

For Businesses
NYC Employee Retention Grant Program
Mayor De Blasio announced that NYC businesses with less than 100 employees that have witnessed a decrease of 25% or more in sales due to COVID-19 are eligible for a zero interest loan of up to $75,000; businesses with less than 5 employees and sales decrease of 25% or more can apply for NYC Employee Retention Grant Program that would cover 40% of payroll costs for two months. More information here.

For Parents

For Parents
Staying Resilient During Covid-19
Compassion Resilience Toolkit's website offers videos and resources that can help parents stay resilient during Covid-19.
Covid-19 Parenting Tips in Other Languages
This website offers Covid-19 parenting tips in languages such as Filipino, Hindi, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and many more.
ECDC Parent Resources
Click here to download a PDF that includes many helpful links to parenting resources.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance
Enrollment For NYS of Enrollment for New York State of Health Affordable Care Act Opened Again
Enrollment for New York State of Health Affordable Care Act has opened again, through April 15th. You can sign up through the online insurance exchange or by contacting navigator programs, like the Community Service Society of New York. More information here.


Moratorium On Residential and Commercial Evictions
There is a 90-day moratorium on residential and commercial evictions. More information here.


USCIS Suspended Routine In-Person Service
As of March 18, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has suspended routine in-person services until at least April 1st, but will continue its other daily operations. However, USCIS will provide emergency services for limited situations. To schedule an emergency appointment contact the USCIS Contact Center.

Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice

Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice
Mount Sinai Japanese Medical Practice
Re: COVID-19 Current Situation in Japanese
B) 代わりにビデオによる遠隔診療サービスを開始(予約制) 今回のCOVID-19パンデミックへの対応を契機に、東京海上記念診療所 - Mount Sinai Doctors Japanese Medical Practice (JMP)では、ビデオによる遠隔診療サービス「テレ・ヘルス」を開始しました。日本語と英語の両方を話せるバイリンガルの内科医・小児科医が ビデオ診療を行い、日本人コミュニティの医療ニーズにお応えします。
1. コロナウイルスに関する懸念や質問について、経験豊富な日本語を話す医師と面談できます。
2. 医師が必要と判断した場合、COVID-19の検査や入院の必要性についてアドバイスを得ることができます。
3. 発熱や咳などの症状をビデオを通して診察することができます。また、これらの症状をご自宅で安全に管理するための幅広いアドバイスも提供いたします。
4. 隔離を余儀なくされ不安を抱えられている患者様のメンタルヘルスのご相談も受けられます。
5. 感染リスクのため来院を控えられている患者様に対し、COVID-19以外の一般的な健康問題についてのご相談も受けられます。
診察が必要になったら)「テレ・ヘルス」は全て予約制なので、まずは東京海上記念診療所のマンハッタンオフィスまたはハーツデールオフィスの受付にお電話いただき、予約を入れてください。その際に「テレ・ヘルス」を受ける手続きや、 MyChartアプリの設定についても詳しく説明させていただきます。
212-889-2119 電話受付
914-997-1220 電話受付
 事務長........土井 英太郎
 院長・医師....桑間 雄一郎
 医師...............加納 麻紀
 医師...............木村 啓子
 医師...............ロザレス ロウェナ

Support Fund

Support Fund
Street Vendor Project
The Street Vendor Project is asking people to pledge stimulus payments to street vendors who may not qualify for government aid. To pledge, visit this page.
Hebrew Free Loan Society
Accion's COVID-19 Relief Program works with small businesses to provide support in relief and recovery from sustained losses as a result of COVID-19.
Restaurant Workers Community Foundation Relief Fund
In the wake of the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, RWCF’s full focus is on supporting workers, small business owners, and an industry in crisis. More information here.
One Fair Wage Emergency Fund
One Fair Wage is providing cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more who need the money they aren’t getting to survive. More information here.


Master Document On Resources and Information
NYC United Against Coronavirus - More information here.
COVID-19 Community Resources
COVID-19 “Coronavirus” Community & NYC Hep Service Provider Resources. For more information on the following resources and services, contact or visit this link.