December 21, 2018

Movies and Communities

Hosted by Womankind's Brooklyn Community Office
504 62nd Street, Sunset Park
Friday, December 21
4 PM to 6:30 PM

Movie, food, drinks, discussion
Join us!

Event is free, but RSVP is required.
Sheng Lin
212-732-0054 x 166

Entre Nos is a bio/true story about a woman’s struggle to survive in New York City with her two children after being abandoned by her husband. The main character, Mariana, totes her two children from the country and culture of Colombia to reunite with her husband in Queens, New York. Her life is devastatingly turned around when her husband abandons the family. As a result, Mariana now struggles with unemployment, eviction letters, eviction notice forms, how to speak fluent English, and experiencing the earliest signs of pregnancy. With no where to go Mariana starts experience various types of stress due to her misfortunes. Mariana and her kids have to now be equipped to survive in living in a foreign country as Mariana desperately searches for jobs hiring in NYC. In the end, Mariana resourcefully navigates a surprising avenue for making some money by using recycle containers to recycle for cash.
While the threats to Mariana’s family are palpable, the three manage to avoid drastic suffering. Given the maternal fortitude displayed by Mariana the family grows strong through their struggles.
Directed by Paola Mendoza and Gloria LaMorte
Movie is in Spanish with English subtitles