Starts July 26, 2017

2017 Asian American International Film Festival

Womankind was proud to co-present these two films at AAIFF, which took place from July 26th through August 5th.

Description: Mumbai is known as India's financial capital and the city of dreams. Anyone can make it big there...except for bachelor girls. Indian filmmaker Shikha Makan depicts the struggles of numerous single, unmarried women who are capable of living independently, yet are subjected to unjust conditions when searching for a place to live. This eye-opening documentary exposes Mumbai's corrupt and sexist system, raising awareness of the unknown issue.
Description: Though society has progressed rapidly over the past few decades, gender inequality still persists throughout the world. Unfair societal standards and discrimination manifest in everything from employment to wages to simple interpersonal relationships. Asian women in particular struggle with these issues, oftentimes finding their gender clashing with their cultural identity. AAIFF40 is proud to present these diverse stories of unique, independent women who dare go against the norm, unafraid to be themselves.